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%b Nexxworks b% launched a new site explaining their complex, innovative offer clearly in just 6 weeks

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Ghent, Belgium
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  • Branding
  • Messaging & Positioning
  • Design & Development

"It's crazy how you managed to launch a full-blown marketing website - that looks awesome - with multiple complex products and services, in such a short time."

Stijn Van Avermaet
Marketing Manager Nexxworks
The challenge

Nexxworks helps global corporate companies remain relevant in what they call "The Day After Tomorrow". The Belgian company has huge, global ambitions. but the outdated website was holding back their growth. First of all: the very talented nexxworks team struggled to explain their new offers and the actual value proposition on their website. Being an innovative company, its messaging lacked clarity and consistency, which was costing them time and money. Next to that, the platform on which the website was built was not user-friendly and built in outdated technology, which resulted in a bunch of outdated service pages and a patchwork of different landing pages built in various tools. Needless to say, the team was becoming increasingly frustrated with their broken website.

The solution
  • Research: To build a strong brand with a solid foundation, we started our journey with a thorough audit. We set out to understand the customer and their information needs, analyze the competitors, and define which content and website elements are currently missing.
  • Foundations: We had a half-day workshop and brainstorming meeting with the customer-facing team members. This allowed us to get insights on how to position nexxworks better and understand what their customers were looking for in nexxworks. That's how we created the foundation of their new brand and messaging.
  • Design: Within a couple of weeks, we created a detailed Message & Brandbook with all necessary information, files, and practical tips to make sure their branding stays consistent across all channels and communications. Using those foundations, we worked with dedicated sprint cycles to write the copy, design, and develop the new website. This way we were able to launch a completely new website in just shy of 6 weeks, not months. But a website is never finished, so we've been continuously improving the website since its launch by analyzing the data and organizing optimization brainstorms.
The results

All the humble bragging aside, we believe that the results should speak for themselves. So what specifically did we deliver, and how was it an improvement?

  • An updated brand strategy with a detailed brandbook and actionable guidelines for both design & messaging.
  • A brand new and compelling website, optimized for customer experience, SEO as well as mobile & web.
  • Quarterly optimization sprints together with the client, to keep the website well maintained and high-performing.

Some deliverables we made:

  • An updated brand strategy with a detailed brandbook & messaging
  • A brand new website, optimized for customer experience, SEO as well as mobile & web
  • Brand designs for different channels & purposes (social posts, business cards, …)

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