We are Valued

We’re a small but mighty conversion design agency that helps B2B companies scale faster

“Making a brand sexy is one thing. Making it perform is something else entirely.”

Hey there! We're Kasper and Helena, the brains behind Valued.

With over a decade of experience as marketing directors and consultants at fast-growing B2B companies, growth marketing was our bread and butter: funnels, content, ads, landing pages…

But those tactics can only get you so far, especially if you have an unprofessional branding and underperforming website. To fix that, we worked with creative agencies, chasing flashy rebrands with creative web designs and fancy taglines. Yet, after the hype, compliments and awards, nothing really changed from a business and marketing perspective. No long-lasting traffic increase, no new leads and no bigger clients.

We quickly realised sexy brands don't drive results in B2B. Buyers want substance, not just style.

We were so fed up with traditional branding agencies that we created our own…

Most branding agencies are really creative, able to create stellar designs. They might even win you some fancy design awards. But they don’t help you sell your B2B product or service. Making a brand sexy is one thing. Making it clear and performing is something else entirely. As a B2B company with huge ambitions, you need both to win.

On top of that, we noticed that customer research, clear messaging, positioning, copywriting and conversion optimization were merely an afterthought for most agencies. As marketing consultants, this felt like the world turned upside down.

That’s why we created Valued, the “Conversion Design” Agency fully focused on converting marketing & sales assets for B2B service and tech companies.

If you want to bring your B2B tech or services company to the next level, you need:

A professional brand with personality that differentiates you from competitors

A crystal-clear message that resonates with your ideal customers

A user-friendly website and designs that are optimised for conversions

All based on customer research - not just assumptions.

Killer design without clear messaging is like a beautifully wrapped gift with nothing inside. And vice versa. You need both to get the sparks.

Our methodology is called Conversion Design. Basically we combine Branding, Research, Messaging/Marketing and Design to transform and boost your B2B business.

We’re bringing these fast-growing B2B companies to the next level

Meet your team of Conversion Designers

These featured clients are growing at record speed:

Helena Pynte

10 years of experience as marketing consultant and manager for startups, SMEs and corporates.

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Your strategists

Kasper Vancoppenolle

10 years of experience as an entrepreneur in scaling up startups with marketing and technology.

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The Collective

You can’t be an expert at everything, that’s why we believe in the power of collaboration. We surround ourselves with the “crème de la crème” in the fields of copywriting, design, development, photography and marketing.

We’re not the right fit if you’re looking for:

a full service agency

a team of executioners who don’t challenge you

a brand without personality

a cool tagline that says nothing

Yep, that’s right. Move on to the many others…

However. If you want a B2B brand that has personality, clear copy that convinces your prospects and a well designed website that’s optimised for conversion, you should totally hit us up.

1 Work directly with experts

We’re intentionally small because we want to be the ones actually doing the work. This means you’ll be working directly with Kasper & Helena, the founders and strategists behind Valued. A nice bonus: you won’t be paying overhead costs for juniors and PMs.

2 We go for impact – or we don’t do it at all

We focus on what will move the needle for our clients and avoid the fluff. When we work our magic, we can transform your business – and that’s what drives us. That’s why we specifically work with clients that are looking to level up. If you’re better off working with another agency, we’ll tell you.

3 Specialised in fast-growing B2B service & tech

We have +10 years of experience in leading marketing roles at innovative and fast-growing B2B service and tech companies. This means you’ll be working with highly specialized experts who understand your business in no time and know which levers to pull.

4 Keep the project momentum going

We prefer projects over small requests. A clear start and finish drives momentum and creates focus. So during the project, we’ll work closely together with short feedback loops, weekly progress updates and clear deadlines.

5 Get ready to be challenged

We’re challengers by nature – or should we say by design? It’s not our intention to annoy you; it's because we’re aware of the hidden assumptions in your mind. That’s why we use customer research to validate everything we do. These insights will guarantee you won’t just have a sexy brand but a performing one too.

6 Clear scopes and fixed fees - no surprises

We work with clear scopes and fixed fees for larger projects. Because nothing is more frustrating than getting surprised by bigger fees than estimated…

7 You’ll stay in control

We don’t believe in agency lock-ins. We use internationally recognized tools like Figma and Webflow that are easy to use, so you won’t need us for every little change afterwards. Don’t worry, we’ll train your whole team if necessary. Less overhead, less frustration. 

Basically, we created the design studio we wanted to work with ourselves.

There are a bazillion agencies, consultants, and freelancers to choose from. Here are 7 good reasons why you should work with us:

We are Valued, also by our clients

“The rebranding gave us the necessary tools we needed to convince IT partners of our value proposition. Now we don’t look so startup-y anymore, but people actually think we’re a multi-million company. We’ve been able to take huge steps forward.”

Kristof Van Stappen


We’ve only launched last week and already we’re up to 3 leads. All highly qualified :) This site is WORKING!! Great work. Thanks so much.

Beth ThouinCMO


"Our new brand & website have significantly helped in our international expansion. The professional branding instantly gave us credibility in new markets."

Nicolas De Coster


Ready to stand out from the crowd and leave the competition behind?

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