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How %b Jimber b% shifted from a local startup to a multi-million tech company through strategic rebranding

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Opwijk, Belgium
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“The rebranding gave us the necessary tools we needed to convince IT partners of our value proposition. Now we don’t look so startup-y anymore, but people actually think we’re a multi-million company. We’ve been able to take huge steps forward.”

Kristof Van Stappen
CEO Jimber

Meet Jimber, a cybersecurity software company based in Belgium. Its team of 20 ethical hackers spent years building user-friendly, affordable solutions. They protect companies of all sizes from common cyber threats.

The challenge

Navigating the transition from product focus to sales focus

Jimber crafted a powerhouse of cybersecurity solutions. They use cutting-edge technologies like Zero Trust and Network Isolation. Yet, their journey took an unexpected turn when they shifted their focus from product development to marketing and sales. The challenge was clear — they needed to go to market fast, and their messaging was anything but crystal clear. Next to that, their playful brand image failed to convey trust, a critical factor in closing deals. Without addressing these challenges, Jimber risked losing out on closing big customers.

“When potential customers saw our website, they didn’t understand what we did. Also, we looked like a new startup, which didn’t appear as professional at all. Credibility is the most important factor for cybersecurity companies.” - Kristof Van Stappen, CEO Jimber
The solution

Crafting a professional visual identity and clear message

To overcome these challenges, Jimber enlisted the help of our branding and messaging consultancy company. Together, we embarked on an adventure to position Jimber for success.

Here’s the full scope of the project:

  1. Research: The collaboration began with comprehensive customer interviews. We delved deep into the motivations of Jimber's customers and extracted valuable insights. We gathered input from Jimber to refine their value propositions and differentiators. We did this through workshops with the commercial team. Without these insights, we would be working purely on assumptions.
  2. Brand Guide: We worked closely with Jimber to create a new brand guide. The website aligned with the ideal customer profile. It also reflected the maturity of Jimber's products. This included defining the mission, vision, beliefs, and values of the company. Additionally, we revamped Jimber's branding elements such as the logo, colors, and fonts. This was to establish a more professional and trustworthy image.
  3. Message Guide: Using the insights gained from customer and competitor research, we developed a comprehensive message guide. This guide outlines the ideal customer profiles. It highlights Jimber's differentiators and value propositions. It also positions them against alternative solutions in the market. The guide also addresses the blockers and motivators that influence customers' decision-making process. The finished message guide still functions as the foundation for all marketing and sales assets.
  4. Website: With Jimber's goals in mind, we took a strategic approach to craft a seamless website experience. We created a clean website design in Webflow, following the guidelines set by the brand and message guide. This included crafting converting copy and organizing the architecture for easy navigation. Our team designed landing pages for specific product use cases, such as "VPN alternative" and "remote work security." This was to convey the value proposition through concrete scenarios.
  5. Sales Assets: In the Sales Presentation, we strategically positioned Jimber's strengths against alternative solutions. We emphasized features like reducing cybersecurity costs by 60% and eliminating complex setups. Jimber now uses the template we built for other purposes like conferences and workshops.
The results

A surge in sales and global expansion

The collaboration between Jimber and Valued resulted in significant positive outcomes for the company:

  • Professional Visual Identity: With the new branding and messaging in place, Jimber now exudes a trustworthy image. The changes have received positive feedback from important stakeholders. Potential customers and partners have commented that Jimber appears to be a larger, well-established company that has raised significant funds.
  • Expanded Market Reach: Since the rebranding, Jimber gained interest from dozens of integrators and distributors from around the world. They are eager to sell and implement their innovative cybersecurity solutions internationally. This expansion has opened up new market opportunities and increased Jimber's global presence.
  • Clearer Product Communication: The use cases we created enabled Jimber to clearly communicate the value of their products to potential customers. This increased clarity has positively influenced their decision-making process.
  • Confidence in Marketing Efforts: The revamped website paved the way for scaled-up marketing efforts. Content, ads, and other marketing initiatives were launched, knowing that the new messaging builds trust.

The story of Jimber's showcases the transformation that can be achieved through rebranding. The most telling metric of success was the surge in IT partners. Before our collaboration, a mere handful of integrators showed interest. Now Jimber has dozens of integrators and distributors onboarding customers. The transition from "startup-y" to "multi-million company" shows the power of strategic branding and messaging. It proves how branding and messaging can directly impact commercial success.

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