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Gig & Grow

Finally visitors understand what %b Gig & Grow b% does, which makes sales 2x easier

Professional Services
Company size
Area of effect:
Ghent, Belgium
Our project
  • Branding
  • Messaging & Positioning
  • Design & Development

"After launching our epic new website with Valued, potential customers FINALLY understood what we actually do, no kidding. It immediately resulted in more intakes through our website."

Lien Louwagie
Founder Gig & Grow
The challenge

Lien and Julien, both entrepreneurs and co-founders of Gig & Grow, reached out to us as they were struggling to get the pitch and message of their company right. They knew they were valuable to their customers, but they had a hard time explaining their services and the value proposition through their website. This resulted in a lot of lost time with pitching and lead qualification.

The solution
  • Research: Since we always put the customer first, we immediately dove in and interviewed the ideal customers of Gig & Grow. And we did this even before organizing any workshops or brainstorming meetings with our Client. This enabled us to get unbiased and valuable insights on how to position Gig & Grow and understand the triggers, needs and keywords which we could then use to design the brand, message and ultimately the new website.
  • Foundations: After this, we organized a half-day workshop with both the Valued team and Gig & Grow, where we shared the most important and interesting insights, and where we dug into the business, values and goals, to successfully lay the puzzle of their new brand and messaging. The first deliverable that we reached within weeks, not months, was the Brand accompanied with a detailed Message & Brandbook with a summary of all necessary information, tips and files to make sure their Brand stays consistent across all channels and communications.
  • Design: After that, we started with the design, copy and development of the new Website. After the designs were validated by the Client, we arranged a Photoshoot and briefed the Photographer thoroughly to get precisely the right images we needed for the website to make a homerun. And what a homerun it was.
The results

The website was delivered in just shy of 8 weeks and the reactions swept our client off their feet - and us too if we’re being very honest. And we’re proud to say this collaboration is still going strong; we are entrusted to maintain and further develop the Gig & Grow brand, message and website.

Some deliverables we made:

  • An updated brand strategy with a detailed brandbook & messaging
  • A brand new website, optimized for customer experience, SEO as well as mobile & web
  • Brand designs for different channels & purposes (social posts, business cards, …)

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