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“We’ve only launched last week and already we’re up to 3 leads. All highly qualified :) This site is WORKING!! Great work. Thanks so much.”

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Their struggle

HiringBranch, a Canadian SaaS scale-up in HR-tech, reached out to us when they realized that their present branding and website were holding them back in their global ambitions.

They knew that in order to be taken seriously by the market and expand their business, they'd need to improve things. A professional website and well-designed marketing assets such as pitch decks, sales materials, case studies, and whitepapers were required.

Trust the process

HiringBranch worked with an external consultant for their marketing strategy and made sure there was a lot of information available on messaging and positioning based on customer insights. The only thing lacking was the implementation of all these insights into a cohesive, solid brand and website. This is where we stepped in.

We opted to work on a partnership basis for this customer. This essentially means our design team would function as an extension of their own marketing department for the time being. To maintain a tight feedback loop among all parties, we implemented weekly check-in meetings. This was especially important since we worked in different time zones than our client. In hindsight, this is probably the closest we’ll ever come to being time travelers… 


The first thing we focused on was the logo and brand, as well as a comprehensive brandbook & style guide that contains all essential information, files, and practical advice for maintaining branding consistency across all channels.


With the foundations set up, we created a professional website optimized for conversions. We ensured all conversion data is tracked, allowing the marketing team to collect all necessary information for measuring and improving their marketing campaigns.

We made certain to keep all existing marketing materials up-to-date right after the website and branding were complete, including case studies, whitepapers, ebooks, pitch decks, presentations...

Although we finished this rebranding project around April of 2022, we're still working with the customer as their branding partner and taking a proactive approach to seek improvements on their website, implement them, and develop new marketing assets to keep their brand consistent.

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Let the results speak for itself

All the humble bragging aside, we believe that the results should speak for itself.

So what exactly did we deliver, and how was it an improvement ? 

A brand new and compelling website, optimized for mobile & web experiences, conversion and SEO.

Based on the gathered data, we regularly make improvements to ensure the website keeps performing.

Designs of different marketing assets, such as pitch decks, presentations, business cards, case studies, white papers…

These results are directly linked to our work:

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Enterprise prospects are now taking the brand seriously, it's not a startup anymore.

A huge improvement in the amount of highly qualified leads.

Website engagement increased drastically with double the amount of time spent on site.

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